MedQuist Continues Industry Advocacy, Lobbies for Transcription as Part of EHR

Mt. Laurel, NJ, April 8, 2010 -- MedQuist Inc. (NASDAQ: MEDQ), a leading provider of technology-enabled clinical documentation services, continues its support of the industry and history of active participation in the Medical Transcription Industry Association (MTIA). Most recently, Eileen Dwyer, corporate vice president, Corporate Customer Advocacy, has been appointed as chairperson of the MTIA board of directors for 2010.

"As the industry completes the journey to an EHR environment, MedQuist is committed to assisting its customers during that transition," says Dwyer. "We are involved at the highest level of interaction in Washington in order to ensure that transcription

Information - a vital component of most health records - is included in the movement toward EHR adoption and integration. I, along with other members of the MTIA board, continue to meet with legislators, key members of the Obama administration, and healthcare associations involved in health IT adoption, to share the importance of our quality-focused sector in accurately capturing patient health stories."

MedQuist has provided both technical and strategic assistance to MTIA and the professional society serving medical transcriptionists, to promote dictated and transcribed reports as a critical means to get information into the electronic health record and to increase physician adoption. MedQuist's technical advisory services have helped produce practice guidelines for the transcription sector around quality assessment metrics, dictation best practices, and standards development for uniformly structured narrative reports. Most recently, MedQuist became a charter member of a medical transcription service consortium establishing the Verizon Medical Data Exchange to transport digital records from hospitals, clinics, and physician practices among varying transcription platforms.

In addition, MedQuist Chief Operating Officer Michael Clark will be presenting a "Business Owner Compliance Workshop" at the 2010 MTIA conference on May 1 in Daytona Beach, Florida. His presentation will address the need for greater operational transparency and ethical business practices, especially given recent regulatory changes (with HIPAA calling for greater accountability in the event of privacy and security breaches of Protected Health Information). Clark will provide training to transcription business executives based on a new MedQuist-sponsored toolkit promoting Ethical Best Practices and guidelines for electronic record exchange compliance - a valuable resource and benefit of MTIA membership. Chris Spring, MedQuist vice president of Product Management, will also participate in the MTIA Health Story panel and an interoperability panel at the conference.


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