Medicity Opens Its Health Information Exchange Platform to Third-Party Application Development

SALT LAKE CITY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Medicity, Inc., the leading developer of health information exchange (HIE) technology, today announced the opening of its platform to third-party application development. Third-party partners who develop to this open and secure platform, called iNexx, can leverage the largest ecosystem of connected healthcare providers in the United States - spanning approximately 700 hospitals, 25,000 physician practices and more than 250,000 providers.

Third-party partners that develop applications using the iNexx API (application programming interface) leverage the massive amount of health information being exchanged by providers throughout the Medicity customer base while simultaneously gaining access to the broadest distribution channel of connected providers nationwide. Medicity customers - such as health systems and HIEs - can also develop applications as extensions to their HIE platform for use by their community of connected providers, thereby capitalizing on their currently deployed technology asset.

By opening its platform, Medicity expects to stimulate innovative healthcare IT application development while enhancing provider adoption of solutions to improve patient care and reduce costs. iNexx will enable physician practices to select applications specific to their workflow needs and build composite application suites that enhance the quality of patient care and improve operational efficiency.

"Although not a mobile phone platform itself, the iNexx model is perhaps best understood using the analogy of the iPhone platform. In both models, end users can choose and download unique applications that run on the platform architecture to create a composite solution customized to their needs," explained James K. Lassetter, M.D., Chairman and CEO of Medicity.

Medicity is currently working with partners that are adapting their applications to run within the platform. Once an application is iNexx compatible, it becomes a "plug and play" option for any physician practice that is part of Medicity's ecosystem. This eliminates the need for the vendor to interface with physician office applications - a significant adoption barrier faced by many specialty application vendors.

Medicity has a rich matrix of connectivity that includes thousands of hospital ancillary systems and Practice Management and EMR systems. By adapting the applications to run within the iNexx platform, they become easily available to the physician office.

Dr. Lassetter continues, "To attain President Obama's goal of achieving meaningful use of HIT, it is essential that the technology is meaningful and useful to the provider. With iNexx, healthcare providers will have the flexibility to choose the right mix of applications for their practice and workflow. They also benefit from the foundation of health information exchange for which Medicity has become so widely accepted."

Medicity has formed an iNexx Advisory Board, which includes vendors and leading health systems spanning the spectrum of the healthcare industry, to provide thought leadership and guidance. The company will announce Advisory Board members in early 2010.

iNexx is currently in prototype and is targeted for general release in early 2010. For more information, please contact Medicity.

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