Medical Tracking Solutions, Inc. announces new client Spine Wave, Inc.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Oct. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Medical Tracking Solutions, Inc., developers of iTraycer, is pleased to announce the addition of Spine Wave, Inc. to its client roster.

Spine Wave, Inc. is a privately held medical device company committed to the development and delivery of high-quality innovative medical devices for the treatment of spinal disorders.

"We are very excited to be implementing the iTraycer product at SpineWave," said Mark LoGuidice, CEO of Spine Wave. "We anticipate benefits of added visibility and control of our assets, in addition to improved efficiency in our order to cash process. We think it will be an important element of our ability to scale operations to support our future growth and disciplined focus on margin improvement."

Medical Tracking Solutions iTraycer product provides a medical device focused inventory management system that allows Spine Wave to track individual units within a part, to a tray, and into a kit. It provides the Spine Wave sales team mobile access to their inventory as well as the ability to remotely request replenishment, additional products, and loaner kits. It also lets the sales team invoice at the point of use, saving time, and reducing the opportunities for missing sales transactions.

"We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such a dynamic and exciting company," said Stephen Bradley, CEO of Medical Tracking Solutions. "Spine Wave represents the exact type of company we created iTraycer to help. One that is growing, trying to operate efficiently, and wants to use innovation to maximize their inventory usage."

Medical Tracking Solutions, Inc.

Medical Tracking Solutions, Inc. was established by an experienced team of industry professionals with expertise in the areas of medical device sales, distribution, logistics, loaner kit processing, and software development. The MTS team's own intimate understanding of the medical industries challenges and the critical need for solving the many problems associated with field inventory, multi-level bill of material tracking, and mobile inventory, is what prompted the development of MTS's first product, iTraycer.


iTraycer is a comprehensive inventory management system that assists medical device and biologic companies, and their distributors, in better managing the challenges of field inventory.  iTraycer does this through a customized SaaS Web Suite, a GMP compliant Receiver Manager, and an intuitive Mobile Application.  The iTraycer solution gives real time visibility of each field inventory transaction improving sales efficiency and engagement, increasing operational efficiencies while reducing costs with improved cash flow.  This can result in a 2% to 4% improvement in operating income. 

Spine Wave

Spine Wave's product portfolio features many highly differentiated technologies including the flagship product, the StaXx® XD Expandable Device, which has a five year proven track record for posterior surgery. The StaXx® XD family of products also includes StaXx® XDL which is intended to be implanted using a lateral surgical approach. In addition to the expandable technologies, the Sniper® Spine System has quickly developed a reputation as a leading MIS screw system and the simple yet versatile CapSure® PS3 Spine System is proving to be a high quality, traditional screw system with a recently expanded offering for complex surgery. The Company is growing rapidly and continues to recruit new sales managers and independent distributors to fuel the growth. The Company also continues to advance the NuCore® Injectable Nucleus technology in a European clinical trial designed to treat early stage DDD via a percutaneous injection.

For more information on Medical Tracking Solutions, Inc. or the iTraycer product, please contact MTS at 904.527.5300 or 888.805.7758, email MTS: [email protected] (or) visit our website at

For further information on all of the Spine Wave products please visit the Company's website at or contact Terry Brennan, Chief Financial Officer at [email protected] or 203-712-1810.

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