Medical Device Reimbursement in Europe: An Easier Way to Understand Medical Device Regulation in the EU and Beyond

Despite EU efforts at harmonization, Medical Device Reimbursement in Europe grows in complexity. But now Factory-Reimbursement offers an easier way to plan medical device regulation and reimbursement strategies.

AMSTERDAM & NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Medical device manufacturers around the world need to understand the complex process of seeking approval and reimbursement for medical devices in the EU. But even as some medical device regulations are harmonized, medical device reimbursement schemes continue to diverge.  The process varies from country to country – and even within different regions of the same country. 

The many different EU reimbursement schemes are a stumbling block for both commerce and the potential spread of life-saving medical devices.

But one company is making sense of this constantly changing market.  Factory Reimbursement gives medical device manufacturers instant access to a complete database of reimbursement and regulatory data.  The company’s new website includes a searchable on-line database; inexpensive “Quick-Scan” reports; and in-depth country-specific reports.

“Medical device manufacturers can now get all the answers they need from our Quick-Scan reports for about $2,500. This detailed information can save weeks or months of delay,” says Dirk Meijer, CEO of Factory CRO. 

The newly redesigned website contains detailed reimbursement data from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Czech Republic, The Netherlands, and The United Kingdom. “These reimbursement reports and timelines will help any medical device manufacturer plan a more efficient entry into Europe,” adds Meijer.

For medical device manufacturers who need a pan-European strategy, the Western Europe report covers medical device regulation in all 7 major markets at an attractive discount.

By purchasing the current EU reimbursement reports before April 30, customers can qualify for significant savings.  Factory Reimbursement will send the annual update (available about May 1), at no charge to any customer who purchases a current report.  And, to celebrate the launch of the company’s new website at, every customer who makes any purchase will receive a complimentary iPod.

About Factory CRO

Factory-Reimbursement is part of the Factory-CRO family, a full service European Contract Research Organization specializing in European medical device trials. Factory-CRO operates in more than 20 EU countries and beyond.  Find details at


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