MedDirect Announces Proprietary Patient Billing Platform That Consolidates Patient Billing Data for ACOs and Hospitals

MedDirect Announces Proprietary Patient Billing Platform That Consolidates Patient Billing Data for ACOs and Hospitals

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, MedData’s dedicated patient engagement revenue cycle management brand, announced today the ability to aggregate patient billing data across multiple billing platforms. The proprietary technology consolidates charges at the patient level, empowering ACOs and hospitals to build custom rules-based actions that optimize both patient responsibility reimbursements and patient satisfaction.

Unlike other revenue cycle management platforms that are built around insurance billing and require costly and complicated IT investments to merge, MedDirect’s billing platform is built at the patient level. MedDirect sits on top of existing billing platforms and aggregates charges automatically. With the dramatic rise in patient balance responsibility and associated collection rates of less than 20% due to lack of financing options, confusion about what is owed, and systems and processes that are set up around insurance reimbursements, MedDirect’s technology is the Trojan horse that consolidates charges across platforms into a single statement and connects with patients via customized payment plans and communications.

“The success of MedDirect’s patient engagement services supports our multi-specialty clients’ desire that patient centricity be their focus for the future,” stated Doug Thompson, chief executive officer for MedData, Inc. “MedDirect’s distinct technological advantage provides quality metrics that drive meaningful results to best serve patients and limit unnecessary expenditures across the entire patient experience, especially with regards to complex reimbursements in a rapidly-changing environment, such as those within ACOs and hospitals.”

“It’s no longer necessary for organizations to merge billing systems in order to consolidate charges into a single statement,” explained Ann Barnes, MedData’s president and chief operation officer. “MedDirect aggregates all charges at the patient level to streamline the client experience, improve patient satisfaction, and optimize the revenue cycle process for patient balances. Combined with our tool, clients now link their front office directly into the MedDirect patient billing system to build rules for payment plans, develop customized scripting and education resources, and enhance overall patient engagement.”

Brecksville, Ohio-based MedData is one of the nation’s leading providers of a range of “patient-first” medical revenue cycle management services including, among others, billing, coding, collections, and patient satisfaction. For more than three decades, the Company has been providing innovative billing solutions to the medical community. Annually, MedData serves millions of patients across numerous medical specialties. MedData currently provides services to more than 3,000 physicians at 700 facilities across 40 states from its headquarters as well as offices in Grand Rapids, Mich.; Roseville, Calif.; Bellevue, Wash.; and Peoria, Ill. For more information, please visit .