MDVIP Survey Shows That Americans Value Their Investment in Personalized Primary Care over Traditional Practices

Innovation in Healthcare Gives Patients A Choice

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Results of a recent survey show that members of MDVIP-affiliated practices In the survey, which also included patients in traditional practices, Now that the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act, it is even more critical for consumers to take charge of their healthcare. With more individuals than ever expected to enter doctors’ offices, MDVIP is an innovative choice that is driving excellent outcomes and substantial savings to the patient and the healthcare system.

Traditional primary care today is “conveyor belt medicine” with high volumes of patients competing for the doctors’ attention and inadequate time to deal with the symptoms at hand, let alone address prevention and wellness. MDVIP-affiliated doctors limit their practices to a smaller number of patients allowing them to spend more time with every patient to customize a wellness plan that is monitored throughout the year. In addition, MDVIP patients can reach their doctors 24/7, have little or no waiting time in the office, and can get same-day or next-day appointments leading to higher levels of satisfaction in convenience.

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MDVIP is the country’s largest group of affiliated primary care physicians who practice personalized and preventive healthcare. With more than 550 physicians and over 185,000 patients, MDVIP’s growth continues unabated and in the double digits since its inception in 2000. MDVIP’s personalized and preventive approach is a healthcare model that patients want, even in tough economic times.

Dan Hecht, CEO for MDVIP, commented, “The survey was conducted to ensure that members are receiving the best care possible. Today’s strained and overloaded physicians in conventional primary care practices do not have enough time to spend with each patient because of a healthcare system that is oriented to address sick care rather than prevention. MDVIP is a pioneer in changing the healthcare paradigm to use medical innovations and the doctor-patient relationship to focus on wellness.”

and more in control of their health since joining an MDVIP-affiliated practice, and they particularly appreciate the increased availability and convenience of seeing their doctor when it fits their schedule. Additionally, MDVIP saves the healthcare system money by eliminating unnecessary hospitalizations.

Mark Murrison, President of Marketing & Innovation, added, “Our survey proves that MDVIP members value their highly personalized care. Patients in traditional care practices are dissatisfied and are finding MDVIP to be an affordable choice that completely changes their healthcare experience. Our system should be focused on helping people to enjoy healthier lives, delivering superior customer service, saving money as well as improving quality of life. While the traditional system continues to fall short, there is still great innovation in healthcare that MDVIP is embracing. At MDVIP, year-over-year we are achieving impressive medical outcomes and the results of the survey confirm our approach is working.”

MDVIP, Inc. is the national leader in affordable personalized healthcare. With prevention at the center of its program, MDVIP has proven that its carefully chosen affiliated physicians provide exceptional care and achieve exceptional outcomes. These results include lower hospitalization rates which yield significant cost savings to patients, employers and the healthcare system. MDVIP-affiliated physicians limit their practices to no more than 600 patients in order to provide a wellness and preventive care program. There are currently over 550 MDVIP-affiliated physicians serving over 185,000 patients throughout the country. MDVIP, Inc. was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. For more information, visit or .