MD On-Line Acquires Intivia, Inc., Expands Suite of Provider Solutions

PARSIPPANY, N.J., Sept. 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- MD On-Line, Inc. (MDOL)—a leading provider of electronic healthcare solutions that leverage data to improve practice efficiency and industry connectivity—announced today that it has acquired Intivia, Inc., a Piscataway, NJ-based premier supplier of integrated healthcare technology services and software products to hundreds of healthcare facilities throughout the United States. With more than 10 years of industry experience, Intivia's offerings include fully integrated, web-based electronic health record (EHR) and practice management (PM) solutions, medical transcription services, and revenue cycle management services.

"Our team has worked very hard over the past 10 years to develop state-of-the-art, easy-to-use technologies that help eliminate inefficiencies in providers' offices," said Ashish Vachhani, Intivia CEO. "MDOL has established a solid reputation for offering best-in-class service to over 65,000 healthcare providers. As healthcare processes becomes increasingly complex and time becomes more constrained, these providers will now have the option to integrate unprecedented cloud-based EMR, transcription and revenue cycle management solutions into their practices. I'm incredibly excited to be able to offer existing MDOL providers a full suite of additional services to help them spend less time on administrative processes and more time on patient care."

MDOL President and CEO Bill Bartzak cited the user-friendly nature of Intivia's products as a key factor behind the decision to align the companies. "Accessibility is the driving force behind the development of each and every one of MDOL's solutions," affirmed Bartzak. "We want our providers to feel fully comfortable integrating technology into their daily workflow. Intivia's single PM/EMR database further simplifies the transition process. Their stellar track record, combined with their notably high levels of customer satisfaction, makes us confident that together we will be able to successfully prepare today's healthcare providers and their staff for the latest developments in healthcare reform."

MDOL will be looking to extend Intivia's EMR and PM offerings to those customers currently without a practice management system, while Intivia's medical transcription and revenue cycle management services will be made available to all MDOL providers. For more information about Intivia's offerings, please visit

About MD On-Line (MDOL)

MD On-Line, Inc. (MDOL) is a leading provider of electronic healthcare solutions that leverage data to improve practice efficiency and industry connectivity. Endorsed and co-branded by more than 40 major insurers for practices of all sizes, MDOL applies its cloud-based technology to optimize provider offices, improve the quality of patient care, and eliminate inefficiencies within our healthcare system. In addition to claims processing, MDOL also offers eligibility verification, claims status inquiries, and electronic remittance advice. Its solutions encompass a network of more than 2200 payer organizations and are used by tens of thousands of healthcare providers nationwide.

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About Intivia

Intivia is a leading provider of integrated EMR and practice management software, revenue cycle management services, and medical transcription services to thousands of healthcare professionals throughout the United States. The company has leveraged advanced technology and proven business processes to provide services and solutions that translate into better efficiency for healthcare organizations. Currently, the company supports a wide range of leading hospitals, medical clinics and physician practices, including some of the most prestigious healthcare facilities in the nation.

To learn more about Intivia, please contact their sales department online at or by phone at 877.2.INTIVIA.

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