Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative creates for-profit unit

It seems doctors in Massachusetts, at least, will be getting some help implementing electronic health records into their daily regimen. The Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative, a not-for-profit group that has focused recently on the application of EHRs, will create a for-profit subsidiary to help doctors and hospitals with the process. 

The subsidiary already has started working with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, as well as with its physician group. eHealth Collaborative uses specialized software to support the records, while alternatives--such as Athenahealth Inc.--utilizes a web-based model. 

While eHealth Collaborative received a $50 million grant from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts to implement such systems in North Adams, Newburyport and Brockton, the process is still slow going. The state, trying to speed along the process, has allotted $15 million in this fiscal year toward the implementation of electronic record systems. 

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