Mass. insurance debate intensifies

As expected, the Massachusetts law that would set up a "nearly" universal healthcare system in the state remains at the top of the news. The bill's passage this week prompted calls by newspapers across the country for other states to enact similar legislation. But even supporters are acknowledging that the devil may be in the details. The New York Times reports that the real challenge for the state is "creating a viable market in affordable insurance policies, so that businesses and individuals will buy the coverage mandated by the bill."

- see this article from the New York Times

PLUS: Not everybody is happy about the idea that residents will be required to carry health insurance. The AP reports that the legislation has turned the health reform playing field upside down. Some conservatives are supporting the idea, while some liberals are coming out against it. AFL-CIO leader John Sweeney, who calls the requirement "unconscionable" and accused Massachusetts of taking "a page out of the Newt Gingrich playbook." Article

ALSO: The Wall Street Journal quizzes Massachusetts Health Secretary Timothy Murphy about what the new law could mean for small business. Article (sub. req.)