Many players support P4P

Not sure where you stand on pay-for-performance schemes? It seems that many of your peers have made up their mind. A new survey, conducted at the Fourth Annual World Health Care Congress in Washington, DC, found that about half of health purchasers and providers would like to see P4P use move ahead more quickly. Sixty-nine percent of the event's attendees said that the federal government should be moving more quickly into P4P-based reimbursement.

That doesn't mean the entire medical community is on board. Speaking for a powerful constituency, American Medical Association President-Elect William Plested, MD blasted the P4P model, arguing that it's little more than an attempt to micro-manage doctors. At minimum, he suggested, the government shouldn't implement P4P without doing extensive research and moving ahead with "the greatest caution." In the mean time, physicians will have a chance to participate in Medicare P4P voluntarily. Starting in July, doctors can earn a 1.5 percent incentive if they voluntarily report performance data.

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