Many MA residents unaware of universal health plans

Massachusetts' mandatory healthcare coverage campaign--which offers a combination of subsidized and low-cost insurance plans, expanded Medicaid coverage and incentives for businesses to cover workers--has gained national attention. But despite the fact that uninsured Massachusetts residents will be required to purchase health insurance by July 1st of this year, the Boston Globe reports that many uninsured state residents are completely unaware of the new rules. "We are encountering many people who are completely unaware that there is mandated coverage," said Reynold Spadoni, vice president of strategic planning and business development at Quincy Medical Center. "The general population finds this to be an esoteric, complicated subject, and it's easy to miss."

In an effort to raise awareness of the new requirements, many hospitals and community health centers are taking part in a campaign to enroll in subsidized insurance plans. The most important part of the campaign is making residents aware that they must purchase insurance, and explaining that financial help is available depending on income level.

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