MA immigrants to lose state-subsidized coverage

Last week, 30,000 legal immigrants in Massachusetts were told they would be losing their state-subsidized health coverage at the end of this month, and would receive "patchwork" replacement coverage, according to the Boston Globe. The replacement coverage the immigrants will receive only includes emergency care in hospitals, and community center service as portioned out by the Health Safety Net and MassHealth Limited, two state programs.

Gov. Deval Patrick (D) had fought to get full care for the immigrants--considered "special status" because they have been in the United States for five years, but still are not considered citizens--but the state's legislature only approved $40 million for that care (Patrick had asked for more than double that amount). Patrick's administration, as well as Brian Rosman, research director for consumer group Health Care for All, both agree that $40 million is simply not enough money to provide "meaningful coverage." 

Regardless, the state's legislature wants state officials to come up with a plan for using the money; if an agreement cannot be reached, the money is likely to be given to the Health Safety Net program, instead. 

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