MA Health Care Quality and Cost Council struggles to stay in existence

Are state agencies aimed at containing the cost of health care going the way of the dinosaurs? It definitely seems that way as we see that the Massachusetts Health Care Quality and Cost Council is fighting for its life. Remember that just a few weeks ago, we reported that the nationally-recognized Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council (PHC4) is likely to cease to exist on November 30 of this year. Little wonder that at least one other similar council is on the rocks in this faltering economy.

The trouble started when the MA governor decided to take away $700,000 of the council's $1.8 million budget. For a while expectations were that the council would be shut down and its functions shifted elsewhere, but the council itself is trying to reorganize itself to stay in existence within the new budget. In the coming weeks we will see whether its bid to stay alive is successful--and whether any other similar councils will falter.

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