Lonny Reisman Named to Harvard Medical School Health Care Policy Advisory Council

Lonny Reisman Named to Harvard Medical School Health Care Policy Advisory Council

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Lonny Reisman, M.D., (NYSE: ) chief medical officer, has been appointed to the Harvard Medical School Health Care Policy (HCP) Advisory Council. Reisman joins a group of distinguished individuals and thought leaders. This council brings broad, real-world perspective to the school’s unbiased research and analysis that inform decisions about health care policy.

“I asked Dr. Reisman to join the council because I believe he can help form and advance our health care policy program. These programs touch the lives of virtually all Americans,” says Jeffrey Flier, M.D., dean of Harvard Medical School. “The promise of our health care policy programs depends in part on the partnerships we build beyond our campus and the diversity of insights we gain from our council members.”

The Harvard Medical School Department of Health Care Policy is one of only a few academic centers to focus on research in health policy. Faculty provide both expertise and evidence to help doctors, payers, consumers and government leaders make informed choices about improving how health care is delivered and funded in this country. For example, research provides knowledge about elements, such as communication and physician pay structures, that contribute to good health care delivery and patient outcomes across the board. The HCP Advisory Council supports these efforts by finding opportunities to:

As CMO, Reisman is responsible for Aetna’s clinical strategy that improves the quality, safety and affordability of health care. He is a recognized leader in health information technology, patient safety and evidence-based medicine. He has published numerous medical articles. Before becoming Aetna’s CMO, he served as ActiveHealth Management’s chief executive officer. He co-founded ActiveHealth Management, now an Aetna subsidiary, following nearly 20 years of experience as a physician and consultant to large employers concerned about health care quality and costs. He also led the development of the ActiveHealth CareEngine® System, a clinical decision support technology platform that received a U.S. Patent in 2004.

Reisman was an attending physician at New York Hospital and St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center from 1987 to 1999. He was a cardiology fellow at the University of Chicago from 1985 to 1987. He received his undergraduate degree from State University of New York at Stony Brook and his medical degree from Tel Aviv University.

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