Legionnaires' disease death toll rises to seven; Pain patients say painkiller rationing hurts access;

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> The death toll from a New York outbreak of Legionnaires' disease has risen to seven people, prompting a move for new legislation to halt future outbreaks, according to Vanguard News. Article

> Authorities investigated a suspicious device this morning at Carolinas Medical Center before giving it the all-clear, according to Time-Warner Cable News. Article

> Patients experiencing pain say the rationing of painkillers is too restrictive after authorities cracked down on the illegal prescription trade, according to Kaiser Health News. Article

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> As many employers offer some form of workplace wellness program, employees worry their personal information will trickle back to their employer and be used against them, Kaiser Health News reports. Article

> The Affordable Care Act-created research institute charged with evaluating the effectiveness of medical treatments expects to spend $3.5 billion by the end of the decade, but also faces a rising chorus of criticism about how much value it actually provides. Article

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