Labor group website monitors Beth Israel Deaconess

Unfortunately, when you have as high a profile as Boston's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center does, scrutiny and public challenges go with the territory. That has definitely been the case when it comes to the facility's relationship with the SEIU, which has been fairly vocal in its criticism of the teaching hospital.

The SEIU, which is working to organize workers at Beth Israel, claims that it overcharges patients and pushes its staffers to work long shifts, allegations vigorously denied by the teaching hospital's management. What's more, the SEIU has gone so far as to try and force the facility to comply with strict Sarbanes-Oxley Act financial disclosure standards, which normally only apply to public companies.

Now, in yet another effort to keep the heat on, the SEIU Local 1199 has partnered with the Area Trades Council to create a new website ("Eye on Beth Israel") that will allow visitors to post information on their experiences with the facility. An interesting pressure tactic, but will it backfire if people post positive reviews?

To learn more about the site:
- read this piece from The Boston Globe

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