LA group accused of bias

An advocacy group dedicated to reform in Louisiana has come under fire from the university which manages the state's Charity Hospital System, which charges that the group is arguing for changes its sponsors want rather than serving as an independent voice. Leaders of the Louisiana State University, which runs the state's Charity Hospital System, contend that despite some limits on funding it will accept, the non-profit Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana (PAR) is too beholden to private healthcare interests.

PAR, which is set up to be an independent voice for reform in Louisiana, is advocating that federal funding for uncompensated care "follow the patient," rather than going straight to LSU. This lines up with what private healthcare providers have advocated for the state. It also fits with a report by the Louisiana Health Care Redesign Collaborative, which suggests that the federal dollars buy insurance policies for the poor. PAR leaders admit that they're seeking ongoing funding from private healthcare organizations, but insist that their positions on the issues remain completely independent.

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