L.A. groups plan for emergency pharma distribution

A set of pharma trade groups have set up a coalition that will help areas like New Orleans be better prepared to distribute medications in the event of an emergency.  The effort involves setting up a central command center to speed the distribution of medication into areas hit by natural disasters, terrorist attacks or disease epidemics. 

The Rx Response coalition has built a Web site giving patients the ability to print a card listing the names and dosages of their prescriptions, their doctor's number and other critical information necessary for continuity of care.  Perhaps even more importantly, given their track record after Hurricane Katrina, the groups will also work to nudge federal agencies like the Department of Homeland Security and HHS into providing appropriate supports.

The groups hope to improve on the paralysis which struck the region after Hurricane Katrina. While health leaders like the Louisiana Hospital Association responded, with the LHA, for example, setting up its own drug warehouse for drug drop off and delivery, the existing infrastructure won't meet the region's needs.

To learn more about their plans:
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