The Kiran Consortium Group Offers Full-Spectrum HIPAA 5010 Compliance Solution

The Kiran Consortium Group Offers Full-Spectrum Compliance Solution for
HIPAA 5010
Proprietary Software Tool Kits Offer Assessment, Remediation, Training,
Security and Privacy

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Kiran Consortium Group, LLC, a
privately-owned, global Information Technology advisory and professional
services firm, today announced the release of their full-spectrum
compliance solution for companies to adhere to HIPAA 5010 and ICD-10
guidelines. Unique to the market, The Kiran Consortium Group has developed
scalable proprietary software as part of their Compliance Solution to
reduce financial impacts on healthcare organizations, engage in early risk
assessment and remediation planning and anticipate and deploy resources
efficiently and effectively.

"As companies struggle not only to understand, but also comply with the
strict new policies set forth by HIPAA 5010 and ICD-10 initiatives, we
provide a streamlined approach to address each individual phase from
information and education through end-user training," stated Willie
Williams III, PMP, co-founder and managing partner, The Kiran Consortium
Group, LLC. "Drawing on our vast experience in Healthcare IT, we offer
not only advisory services to address individual phases of compliance, but
also have developed three automated, integrated software packages to guide
companies through the time-consuming, grueling task of complying with the
current guidelines."

The Kiran Consortium Group has developed a comprehensive five phase
methodology to address specific Compliance requirements utilizing a
combination of proprietary tools, methodology and experience. Their
software solutions: U-Test-IT, ClickON ClearView 5010, and U-Learn-IT
address the market's lack of automated, integrated and user-friendly
compliance tools for phases three, four and five.

"We are excited to introduce the healthcare market to the U-Test-IT
toolkit, a self-assessment application that integrates all HIPAA 5010
compliance activities," stated Williams III. "This toolkit was created
by an experienced team of HIPAA 5010 and ICD-10 professionals. Users have
the freedom to conduct a self-assessment that includes a pre-loaded work
plan, contract management, and document inventory as well as a dashboard to
monitor compliance progress."

Phase 3: Assessment via U-Test-IT
U-Test-IT allows all users who are assigned with tasks specific to the
WorkPlan to document their work and manage information across Task Forces,
Committees, departments and various entities. It is designed for users of
all skill levels and follows the principles of project management. This
software is available as an ASP model or purchase.

*User-friendly self-assessment toolkit incorporates all HIPAA 5010
Compliance Activities
*Import, export and merge users' own documents into program
*Tight integration with Governance, WorkPlan and Issues
*Monitor Compliance progress via dashboard

Phase 4: Remediate via ClickON ClearView 5010
ClickON ClearView 5010 is a testing harness tool that will facilitate and
expedite testing efforts.

*Manage multiple test files automatically
*Automate failure report generation
*Eliminate manual file review
*Decrease the HIPAA 5010 testing cycle

Phase 5: Train via U-Learn-IT
Customized ICD-10 education and training programs for Physicians,
Clinicians and Health Information Management Professionals

To schedule a Compliance Solution software demonstration, please contact
Lacy Robinson at [email protected]

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