King-Harbor state license may be pulled

After surviving years of scandals over questionable care, Martin Luther King Jr.-Harbor Hospital may be out of time. California regulators have set plans to revoke the hospital's license, something they haven't done to any hospital in the state since 2004. The hospital can appeal the decision, a process which could take as long as a year, but at least some of the county supervisors aren't sure they should fight. Two of the five members of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors say that they're ready to let the hospital close, noting that they're afraid another patient will be hurt or die due to administrative problems there. The state has told King-Harbor that it will rescind its decision if the hospital can prove that it meets state and federal standards. In reality, though the facility hasn't been able to do so since 2004, and no one thinks it's likely to do so in the short time it has left.

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