Joint Commission issues ISO tubing alert; UMC layoffs projected to save $21M

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> The Joint Commission issued a sentinel alert on the risks of transitioning to new ISO tubing connector standards. Alert

> University Medical Center in Las Vegas projects a round of layoffs will save $21 million over the next nine months, according to the Las Vegas Sun. Article

> The first few months of the Affordable Care Act's implementation slowed growth of Los Angeles County emergency room visits, according to the Los Angeles Times. Article

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> An affiliate of the Wisconsin Hospital Association released its latest version of its PricePoint price information system for inpatient procedures earlier this week, and it continues to show that provider charges are all over the map. Article

> The American Medical Association's power in determining the relative value of the services physicians provide plays an outsize role in favoring specialist physicians and driving up the costs of healthcare delivery in the United States. Article

And Finally… Paying it forward at Starbucks. Article