iSOFT Group (ASX:ISF) Boosts Telehealth Strategy With Medic4all Partnership

Sydney, Mar 15, 2010 (ABN Newswire) - iSOFT Group Limited (ASX:ISF) - Australia's largest listed health information technology company today announced an agreement with Switzerland-based Medic4all that will significantly boost iSOFT's ability to deliver solutions that satisfy the growing demand for the delivery and monitoring of healthcare outside the traditional hospital environment.

iSOFT and Medic4all will collaborate to deliver end-to-end telehealth equipment and solutions that cater to the burgeoning demand for preventative healthcare and wellness management. The agreement adds significant value to iSOFT's existing consumer and health media strategy by providing immediate go-to-market products and services.

"Telehealth is one of the fastest growing areas of innovation as healthcare systems move away from the traditional hospital-based model and increasingly turn to wellness management and preventative care strategies that use electronic technologies to put the patient in control," said Gary Cohen, iSOFT Executive Chairman & CEO. "Medic4all has internationally-recognised expertise and an established market presence in telehealth that can be leveraged with iSOFT's global leadership across the entire continuum of healthcare technology."

Connecting the patient at home with the health professional through telemonitoring devices and low-power short-range wireless interfaces driving mobile solutions and phones will become fundamental tools that the health professional will increasingly rely on daily to deliver care. Industry analysts predict that the market for home health monitoring of chronic diseases in the Europe and the US reached US$11billion in 2009 and is growing at 10 percent per year.

"The demand and awareness for personal health services is growing dramatically," said Dr. Shai Misan, CEO of Medic4all. "The leadership of iSOFT in the public health market will allow Medic4all to enlarge its capacity to offer health monitoring services at home, in the office, and while outdoors by integrating its services and platforms with the professional health community internationally."

iSOFT and Medic4all will launch their partnership today at the World of Health IT Conference & Exhibition (WoHIT) in Barcelona. Please visit iSOFT's WoHIT microsite at:

Under the agreement, iSOFT will deliver a solution that allows the health professional to reach out and touch the patient in the community and vice-versa. The solution includes platforms and devices such as:

- Monitoring Operations Centre that manages the patient's data and ensures the patient adheres to a prescribed care pathway.

- Home Care Platform that allows the healthcare professional to remotely monitor, diagnose and care for patients at their home or work.

- Monitoring Centre Software, using sophisticated telecommunication, processing and storage technologies that provide a friendly interface designed for ease of use by monitoring centre professionals.

- Monitoring Gateways that communicate wirelessly with medical monitoring devices placed in the patient's home or workplace, and transmit patient data to a monitoring centre and Web-based personal health record.

- WristClinic, a revolutionary all-in-one wireless remote medical monitoring device for telemedicine and homecare applications that enable timely intervention, care management, and improved compliance.

- Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor that wirelessly transmits heart rate, systolic and diastolic blood pressure data to a monitoring centre and Web-based personal health record.

- Watch Me, a wristwatch that enables a wide range of vital signs measurements that can be transmitted to a monitoring centre and Web-based personal health record.

- Wireless Weight Scales that enable on-line weight tracking and wellness management.

- Wireless Blood Glucose meter, a diabetes control tool that displays blood glucose level and wirelessly transmits the measurements data to a monitoring center and Web-based personal health record.

About Medic4all

Medic4all Holding AG is a health and disease management group that consists of several subsidiaries grouped under a holding company based in Switzerland. This structure allows the optimization of investment, technology usage, intellectual property, know-how, R&D, marketing operations, and service providing.

The group has local service companies in Italy and Israel, and more will be opened in France, Germany, UK, Switzerland and USA.

Medic4all provides a single source to complete telemedicine and healthcare information programs, integrating both services and proprietary technology. Medic4all controls the entire process from R&D and design, through installation, training and technical support, to providing telemedicine and information services. Therefore, Medic4all can guarantee absolute quality for its services and products as well as total flexibility in adapting its services to customer's requirements.

Medic4all has been audited by IQNet and the SII and was certified as compliant with the following international standards: ISO 9001, EN 46001, and ISO 13485, FDA.

Medic4all offers telemedicine solutions, adapted to support all moments of the individual "medical life", from medical data collection to health status monitoring, meaningfully acting on prevention and on medical support rather than on emergency. Medic4all telemedicine technology and solutions are enabling patients to take a more active role on their health by staying connected to the medical center on a self-monitoring or on demand mode.

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About iSOFT Group Limited

iSOFT Group Limited (ASX:ISF) is the largest health information technology company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, and trades globally under the name 'iSOFT".

iSOFT builds software applications for healthcare. We work with healthcare professionals to design and build solutions that answer all of the difficult questions posed by today's care delivery challenges. Our solutions act as a catalyst for change, supporting the free exchange of critical information across diverse care settings and participant organisations. We are the leader in the provision of advanced application solutions in modern healthcare economies around the world Today, over 13,000 provider organisations in 38 countries across five continents use iSOFT's solutions to manage patient information and drive improvements in their core processes. The group's sustainable development is delivered through careful planning, in-depth analysis of our market and anticipation of evolving requirements. Our business is driven by the collective talent, experience and commitment of more than 4,600 specialists around the globe, including over 2,300 technology and development professionals.

A global network of iSOFT subsidiaries, supported by an extensive partner network, provides substantial experience of national healthcare markets. As a result we offer our customers comprehensive knowledge of local market requirements, in terms of culture, language, working practice, healthcare regulation and organisational structure.

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