Intermountain Healthcare Hospitals and Clinics to Implement Accelarad’s Medical Imaging Solution

Accelarad to enable largest health system in Utah to bolster care decisions made in Level I trauma centers

Intermountain Healthcare Hospitals and Clinics to Implement Accelarad’s Medical Imaging Solution

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Accelarad, a leading provider of secure, cloud-based medical imaging solutions, and creators of , announced today that has chosen to equip its entire network of 22 hospitals and 185 physician clinics with Accelarad’s state-of-the-art . The Utah-based health system will utilize Accelarad to streamline the referral process for patients transferring to the system’s Level I trauma centers from smaller healthcare facilities.

With Accelarad’s social media-like medical imaging solution, Intermountain Healthcare’s physicians will be able to securely request, view and share medical images from a referring facility before a patient is even admitted. This will ensure that physicians can quickly and accurately make healthcare decisions once the patient arrives. Accelarad’s cloud-based platform will also eliminate the health system’s process of managing medical images on CDs and film, which, in turn, will help prevent physicians from ordering duplicative tests as a result of damaged or lost images.

“Time is of the essence, especially in critical care situations,” said Geoff Duke, director of Imaging Information Systems at Intermountain Healthcare. “Accelarad’s technology will expedite medical image sharing not only in our emergency rooms, but across our entire health system. Because medical images can be immediately sent and received through Accelarad, physicians can make the best possible care decisions and, ultimately, improve patient outcomes.”

In addition to providing services in much of Utah, Intermountain Healthcare also provides care to patients from surrounding states. A number of those patients are vacationers who are referred to the health system from regional clinics.

“Accelarad will empower our physicians to make efficient onsite care decisions for nonresident patients and then easily transfer medical images, reports and other documents to patients’ local physicians,” Duke said. “Accelarad will enhance the care that all patients – residents and visitors alike – receive at our facilities and it will ensure that visitors receive the necessary follow-up treatment after they leave our state.”

Built on a hub-and-spoke deployment model ideal for hospitals and health systems, Accelarad’s medical imaging solution, which can be accessed from a computer or mobile device, will enable Intermountain Healthcare to collaborate and improve care coordination with other healthcare organizations regardless of geographic location.

“Effective care coordination is crucial for large health systems with complex PACS systems and robust networks of partner facilities,” said Willie Tillery, CEO of Accelarad. “Accelarad, which will integrate with Intermountain Healthcare’s existing archiving technology and clinical workflow, will promote communication between the health system and its medical partners, thereby strengthening care coordination across the entire region.”

To learn more about how Accelarad’s cloud-based medical imaging solution can help healthcare organizations, physicians and patients bridge the continuum of care through the quick and secure exchange of medical images and documents, visit .

Intermountain Healthcare is a Utah-based system of 22 nonprofit hospitals, 185 clinics, a Medical Group with some 900 employed physicians, a health plans division called SelectHealth, and other health services. Intermountain is widely recognized as a leader in clinical quality improvement and in efficient healthcare delivery

Founded in 1999, Atlanta-based Accelarad, creators of, makes it simple for healthcare organizations, physicians and patients to securely view, manage and share medical images and documents online. Intuitive and in tune with healthcare workflows, Accelarad’s scalable platform eliminates the costs, redundancies and administrative headaches of outmoded image transfer technology. The company’s robust, cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) platform empowers collaboration by allowing users to access and share medical images and documents from Internet-connected computers or mobile devices at any time, from anywhere. Accelarad’s true multi-tenant architecture supports today’s imaging needs, while also strategically positioning healthcare organizations to address the ongoing challenges of patient-centered, coordinated care.