Interface Biologics Inc. achieves reductions in platelet adhesion similar to heparin coated devices with use of non drug surface

TORONTO, June 5 /PRNewswire/ - Medical device manufacturers are seeking alternatives to contaminated heparin coatings used to prevent thrombus in medical devices. Recent studies performed on catheters treated with Interface Biologics's Endexo(TM) additive showed a 98% reduction in thrombus accumulation versus a control in blood loop studies.

"The difference between the Endexo(TM) additive and the control was significant in an in-vitro flow model using bovine blood" stated Sivaprasad Sukavaneshvar, Ph.D., Vice President of the Medical Device Evaluation Center (MDEC) in Salt Lake City, Utah.

In Vivo sheep studies performed at MDEC tested for catheter patency between a control and an Endexo(TM) treated catheter. Blood draws were performed daily and over a 30 day period the Endexo additive yielded a 20% reduction in occlusive days under aspiration, and a 50% reduction in occlusive days under infusion versus the control.

"Both the in vitro and in vivo results show that Endexo(TM) additives perform to the standard set by Heparin coated devices, and will provide better patient outcomes in light of the recent adverse events and recalls. In addition, our pre-extrusion additive yields a simple and more cost effective manufacturing process. This provides a "win win" for medical device manufacturers who are turning away from Heparin coated devices." said Richard Sullivan, President and CEO of Interface Biologics Inc.

More information about recent Endexo studies is available at

About Interface Biologics Inc.: Interface Biologics is a biomaterials company focused on producing the next generation of therapeutic medical devices. Its additive technologies migrate to the top 10 nanometers of the surface and are capable of influencing the surrounding biology without affecting the mechanical properties of the device. The company is focused on reducing thrombus and infection, two long standing clinical unmet needs.

SOURCE Interface Biologics Inc.

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