InterComponentWare Enterprise Master Patient Index Achieves First Milestone at New York State HIE

Patient data from multiple data sources being shared by Southern Tier HealthLink

WAYNE, Pa., Dec. 9, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- InterComponentWare Inc. (ICW), a global leader in ehealth technology, is pleased to announce that its Enterprise Master Patient Index (eMPI) solution has reached its phase one milestone - the sharing of patient level data from multiple data sources - at the Southern Tier HealthLink (STHL), a regional Health Information Exchange (HIE) in central New York state. The ICW eMPI lays the foundation from which the STHL stakeholders can confidently use patient data from the exchange.  

The ICW eMPI accomplishes an important first step in creating a comprehensive patient health record - it  links the various patient identifiers used by separate clinical systems for an individual patient to a single, enterprise patient ID.  This highly complex process occurs through use of a matching algorithm. The enterprise patient ID then triggers the aggregation of all data for a specific patient. In addition, the ICW eMPI also supports the process of "clearing" unresolved matches caused by incomplete or incorrect data through administrative dashboards, workflows, and reprocessing functions.

Christina Galanis, Executive Director for STHL, comments, "Our choice of an affordable, yet high functioning eMPI has proved out. HIEs require an advanced product, capable of handling data from systems that vary significantly in terms of their level of technological sophistication. The ICW eMPI has demonstrated that it can handle the task.  The real proof of achievement comes from our stakeholders who have expressed confidence in the data."

ICW CEO Jeremy Coote adds, "The eMPI is one of the key building blocks for data exchanges and we are pleased to have STHL as ICW's reference eMPI implementation in North America.  It is a pleasure to be an integral part of STHL's success in achieving its mission to use technology to link providers and consumers to improve healthcare quality, access, and safety while reducing costs."

About InterComponentWare Inc.

ICW develops robust solutions that connect, manage and personalize health care information. Built upon the powerful and flexible ICW eHealth Platform, our solutions provide data integration and aggregation for improved care coordination.  Headquartered in Germany,  ICW has  locations in Austria, Switzerland and the USA. Visit ICW online at:

About Southern Tier HealthLink

Southern Tier HealthLink (STHL) was established with leadership and support from local hospitals and other healthcare stakeholders in 2005. STHL is a non-profit organization which brings together healthcare providers and consumers in Central New York to "connect the dots" with technology that will improve healthcare quality, access, and safety while reducing costs.

Southern Tier HealthLink is committed to using cutting edge technology to promote better healthcare. Their current showcase project is NY Healthscape, a region in the virtual world of Second Life, where visitors establish a virtual PHR and then update it by participating in health-related and social activities.  Visit STHL online at

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