Illuminate® tops thorough selection process by St. Luke's--Bethlehem

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan., Nov. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- St. Luke's University Hospital in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, has selected Softek Illuminate® to provide their radiologists instant access to patient histories as they read their studies as well as an easy-to-use system for communicating incidental findings to referring physicians.

"We selected Illuminate® after an exhaustive evaluation," said Dr. Robert Fournier, Vice Chair of Radiology at St. Luke's. "It came out on top because it had the critical functionality we were looking for and was up and running at other hospitals. We were able to talk to real users about their experiences, as opposed to the other products that were still in the development phase."

Dr. Fournier said that the radiology department was looking primarily for a patient safety product to ensure that unexpected findings in a patient's images were communicated to the primary care physician and that the patient returned for follow-up care. Other products covered a radiologist's liability by performing the first step, he added, but didn't give radiologists an easy way to track patient follow-up. "Illuminate® gives us that critical piece."

St. Luke's 480-bed facility in Bethlehem is the main campus of St. Luke's University Health Network. It is a Level 1 trauma center and recognized for its patient care, particularly its cancer, obstetrics, open-heart surgery and robotic surgery services. As a GE Healthcare Global Show Site, St. Luke's uses the latest interventional radiology technology developed by GE.  

"St. Luke's-Bethlehem is committed to using technology to bring their radiologists into closer communication with referring physicians and patients," said Softek CEO Matt McLenon. "Softek is just as passionate about developing IT products that improve patient care, and we're proud to team up with this forward-looking organization."

Illuminate® applications include InSight™ to search the data archive and send patient and exam alerts; PatientView™ to automatically see an aggregated patient history when reading an exam; ActKnowledge™ to document the communication of non-routine findings; Analytics™ for real-time business intelligence; and OnPatrol™ for real-time physician ordering trends.

Softek will demonstrate Illuminate® at the Radiological Society of North America's annual meeting Nov. 25-30 at Chicago's McCormick Place in booth 9141.

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SOURCE Softek Solutions, Inc.