ICUcare, LLC, Introduces eDoc Telemedicine/EHR System, Revolutionizes Clinical Offerings in Mobile Care

Evansville, IN (PRWEB) March 30, 2010 - ICUcare, LLC is setting out to revolutionize the retail health clinic marketplace with the introduction of their eDoc® Telemedicine/EHR System. This "mobile clinic on wheels" represents the most viable and advanced telemedicine solution currently available. 

The eDoc Telemedicine System supports both Store and Forward or Live Video Conferencing Consultations and can exist independently as a mobile clinic. ICUcare, as a software developer for the health-care industry, has embedded this technical support application for providers to enable access to technical support wherever and whenever it is needed. The eDoc® Telemedicine System works with My eMHR Web Portal to fully integrate the patient's medical records to provide optimal care at the clinical level. On the care-providers side, the eDoc® Physicians Web Portal enables comprehensive medical evaluation 24/7 irrespective of geographic boundaries. Add a comprehensive EHR to the mix and you have the first vertically integrated medical records system in North America. 

"Retail health clinics currently offer a very limited scope of services, including inoculations, screenings, and medicine dispersal. With our eDoc® Telemedicine System, these providers will have the option of offering general health exams, ECG and ultrasounds, and much more. The possibilities are endless," states Robert Higgs, Founder and President of ICUcare.

This system can also bring a higher quality of urban health care to rural areas. With teleconferencing capabilities and the mobility of necessary medical records and equipment, these patients will now have access to the same care that those in major metropolitan areas take for granted.

Other advantages health providers will realize in using this system include:

  • Integrated medical diagnostics capabilities using Digital Iris Scopes, Digital Otoscopes, Digital Spirometers, Digital Stethoscopes, Digital General Examination Scopes and more
  • Access to comprehensive and integral patient records, such as x-rays, MRIs, ECGs, EEGs, and other reports and expert research and opinions
  • Audio, video, and text documents to deliver comprehensive care
  • Real time collaboration and synchronization with other providers
  • Unmatched interoperability with Medical Informatics Standards (DICOM and HL7) compliant devices and applications
  • Assistance with describing injuries, diseases, and conditions with Current Procedural Terminology and ICD support

More information about the user benefits and features is explained in greater detail on the ICUcare site

"Quality health care should be made available to those who need it; and providers require the right combination of tools and resources to give this level of care. The eDoc® Telemedicine System, in conjunction with our My eMHR Web Portal access to medical records, allows them to do this in a way that is efficient and cost-effective," further details Higgs.

More about the eDoc® Telemedicine System and other products is available through ICUcare website.

About ICUcare, LLC:
First to develop and market a turn-key telemedicine and EHR system, and the first provider of a free hosted personal health records system, ICUcare LLC was founded by CEO and President Robert E. Higgs. ICUcare, LLC develops and deploys patient-centered advanced technological solutions.