Hypercom Accelerates Global Initiative for High Security e-Health Systems

Hypercom Corporation announced that its worldwide initiative for high security electronic health card systems is accelerating. The German health care organization Gematik has notified the company that its medMobile terminal is now BCS (Basic Command Set) approved. medMobile is an ultra secure mobile device specifically designed to support the thousands of physicians who make house calls/visits throughout Germany and those that practice at hospitals, pharmacies and geriatric institutions, such as residential care homes. The medMobile is Hypercom's fourth healthcare device released in support of Germany 's e-Health card program.

"Hypercom is the only transaction solutions provider with a complete and future proof family of high security data transaction products for Germany 's doctors, dentists, hospitals, pharmacies and other health care service providers," said Ulf H?nick, Vice President, Healthcare, Hypercom Corporation. "Our global skill in health care data security and efficiency well positions us to expand our support for the migration to highly secure electronic health systems and programs."

"Healthcare providers can purchase the e-Health BCS-approved medMobile and will, according to health care self administration announcements, be reimbursed for their investment in e-Health BCS terminals," said Mr. H?nick.

Germany's e-Health card program is one of the largest e-Health IT projects worldwide with a planned deployment of more than 80 million electronic health insurance cards. In addition to Germany , Hypercom's solutions facilitate electronic health care in a number of other countries including Australia , France and the United States .

Hypercom's medMobile sets a new benchmark for mobile health care devices. The innovative terminal for physicians on the go features a high contrast graphical display, built-in PIN Pad, integrated Health Professional Card (HPC) and electronic health card (eGK?) readers, long-life Li-ion rechargeable batteries and USB connectivity for fast downloads to physicians' computers. medMobile stores up to 200 medical records. The unit supports the current German health insurance card (KVK?), the new chip-based electronic healthcare card and the HPC used by doctors, dentists and other healthcare service providers.

In addition to medMobile, Hypercom's secure medline product family for the German e-health card program includes the medCompact countertop, the medHybrid for data authentication and payment and the medModular unattended unit.

For an image of Hypercom's medMobile, please visit: https://www.medline-online.com/produkte/medmobile.html.

For information on potential reimbursement please visit: http://www.kbv.de/presse/11710.html

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