Humana fights for VA medical dollars

It may be starting as a small division, but it could become something big quickly. Hoping to get its piece of the agency's massive budget, Humana has created a unit which will help the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs care for veterans who are eligible for its benefits. Humana already gets roughly three quarters of its premium revenue from government sources, largely from CMS. Now it wants more government income. To jump start the new division, Humana Veterans Healthcare Services, it has retained former VA deputy assistant secretary Alfonzo Poteet as the unit's CEO. Humana has previously bid on a contract to negotiate reduced prices for providers working with the VA. Now, among other initiatives, Humana's also hoping to become a supplier for the VA's Project HERO, under which VA is contracting with outside providers to improve its overall operations. Humana hopes to manage four of the VA's health networks under the pending contract.

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