'How' trumps 'what' in patient experience success

Guest post by Jason Wolf, president of The Beryl Institute

Since my last Hospital Impact blog post where I stressed the need for our continued commitment to push the patient experience movement forward I have had a positive, life-changing experience.

Early on Friday, April 19, as we were wrapping up Patient Experience Conference 2013, my wife called to let me know she was having contractions. "Nothing imminent," she calmly told me.

It is not often you spend three intense conference days stressing the critical importance of patient experience--of people and process, patient perspective, strategic imperative--only to turn around and be that patient or family member yourself.

But those three days were followed by three days admitted to the hospital--experiencing labor and delivery (L&D), post-partum care and watching everything our caregivers did to provide for my wife, our new son and me.

It reinforced the point I often stress--that we will all be patients and family members some day.

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