How predictive modeling is shaping Children's Hospital Boston

Hospitals nationwide are turning to informatics to streamline care processes, improving both the efficiency and safety of patient care. One facility that appears to be ahead of the curve, however, is Children's Hospital Boston, which, according to CIO Dan Nigrin saves roughly $1.4 million annually by using informatics in its medication delivery system.

"The pharmacy is made aware of changes much more expeditiously than when we were paper based," Nigrin told FierceHealthIT in an exclusive interview. "The pharmacy has gotten to essentially be much more of a just-in-time delivery model, where they're continuously delivering medications to the floor, every hour or every two hours, as opposed to every 12. If a medication has changed, the amount of potential waste that occurs because the medication was, for instance, discontinued, has dropped dramatically." --Read the full interview on FierceHealthIT