House Call Doctors: A Hip New Trend On An Old Business Model

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 25, 2010 -- Two local doctors are taking an old business model and revitalizing a new trend in medicine, privacy, and convenience. These doctors have collaborated efforts to established Elite House Call MD to provide patient visits at hotels, offices, or homes. With more and more of the United States running tight on time these doctors have established an ability to provide physicals, x-rays, and other medical services during your lunch hour, while traveling, or in the comfort of your own home. Almost any service you could want from a hospital can now be handled in the comfort of your own private surrounding.

With less than 2 months in business these board certified doctors drive, fly, or dispatch other physicians to patient homes in New York, Southern California, Miami, and Scottsdale, AZ, and have pushed the envelope with their growth strategy. They have partnered up with an exclusive group to help their nationwide development.

Because patients are seen in the comfort of their own selected surroundings they are more at ease during exams, less likely to contract diseases from other sick patients, and generally get quicker response times than going to a hospital emergency room.

Sports Athletes get blood work done in the comfort of their own home without wasting precious time. The elderly have a lot of time on their hands and don't want to use it getting ready to go to the doctors on a regular basis. House call visits according to one staff member at Elite House Call MD allows doctors more time with a patient instead of a rushed environment of back to back appointments. The spectrum of patients is unlimited he said. Some patients are high-end athletes while others have mobility issues. In most cases a trip to the doctor is a big deal and more costly than having a house call doctor from Elite House Call MD come to them for the visit.

"The business model is simple" said Dr. Greuner. "We help take hospital, doctor, and other facility overflows. Additionally, we provide in home care to families, the elderly, children, top name athletes, and high-end professionals. Most people don't even realize that the option of having a doctor come to you is a possibility. Our goal is to bring that comfort, privacy, and convenience back to the people who want it. And allow people a second opportunity to enjoy their time with the family instead of driving back and forth to the doctor's office. Going to the doctor's office or a hospital is not mandatory, and when patients hear that, their eyes open wide. While most younger and more wealthy patients appreciate the privacy aspect more than anything else, working with in home family care and seeing the smile on the entire family's face allows me the full opportunity to really appreciate why I became a doctor."

"The new trend is catching on quickly" said Dr. Greuner. "With less than 2 months of opening our doors, we have already seen a fair number of visits and are balancing a national growth. I wouldn't be surprised if we became a Fortune 500 company in the near future."

Elite House Call MD is a New York Headquartered business with operations extending from New York to Los Angeles. For more information call 877-999-4585 or go online to

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