Hostway Launches HIPAA-Compliant Solution for Managed Servers, Private Clouds and Hybrid Clouds

HIPAA Essential Combines Secure Technology, Policy & Procedures Management and Analyst Expertise to Cover All Three Facets of Complete HIPAA HITECH Compliance with Roll-in Ready Solution

CHICAGO and AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Hostway, a leading provider of cloud, managed and hybrid cloud services, today announced the launch of HIPAA Essential, one of the most comprehensive managed HIPAA HITECH compliance solutions, on the majority of its core products, including its managed environments and its FlexCloud private and hybrid clouds. Hostway has partnered with StillSecure to rapidly bring this solution to market.

One of the first hosting providers on the market to offer a managed security solution with built-in 3rd party auditing and approval, the Hostway HIPAA Essential solution meets all specifications of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 and Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act to safeguard patient data with a simple, roll-in ready solution.

Single Solution Overcomes Multiple Hurdles

HIPAA HITECH compliance is a major obstacle for medical facilities, healthcare providers, ehealth providers, insurance companies and HMOs, as well as Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software companies. In most cases, achieving compliance requires multiple vendors each focused on specific aspects, such as intrusion prevention, event and access logging and web application firewall management. Ongoing compliance typically demands a dedicated on-staff team, in addition to the cost of hiring external auditors and IT staff for management and verification.

"Regulatory controls require healthcare providers to store unprecedented amounts of patient information, which drives the market to heavily focus on data management through the deployment of secure, scalable infrastructures," said Peter Kim, Product Manager with Hostway. "From Practice Management and EMR deployments, to organizations that are developing SaaS offerings for healthcare providers, HIPPA Essential provides a cost-effective and pre-audited alternative to building and managing infrastructure for the first time."

Auditor-Approved Three-Tier Approach to Compliance

Hostway's turnkey HIPAA Essential solution, built within its SSAE 16 Type II Certified datacenter infrastructure, minimizes the pain and high cost of HIPAA HITECH compliance with a customizable deployment-ready platform backed by round-the-clock service and support.

In a single solution, HIPAA Essential addresses all three facets of HIPAA compliance to provide administrative, physical and technical safeguards with:

  • Technologies, including built-in firewall, intrusion detection and prevention, SSL and IPSec VPN, multi-factor authentication, internal and external vulnerability scanning, web application firewall, file integrity monitoring and security event log management and monitoring;
  • Policies and Procedures, including change control management, daily event review of all security log files, six-month firewall rule configuration reviews, alert escalation and incident response procedures, all supported by StillSecure's Security Operations Center; and
  • Analysts providing 24x7 coverage and expertise on IT security and HIPAA HITECH management, rapid response to security and incoming customer inquiries and world-wide threat monitoring.

HIPAA Essentials has been independently audited and approved by Coalfire Systems, enabling customers to inherit built-in controls and certifications without the need for additional auditing and ongoing verification.

"Hostway continues to place importance on the compliance needs of their customers with their second compliant-ready solution launch in the past year," said James Brown, CTO of StillSecure. "We work closely with Hostway to ensure that our joint offerings continue to meet the compliance needs of all of customers, including healthcare and retail organizations."

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