Hospitals: Remember to set time to celebrate

In the hustle and bustle of healthcare, it's easy to forget to take time out and celebrate the good work hospitals are doing. Hospital President Frank Byrne explained how St. Mary's Hospital in Madison, Wisc., celebrated its centennial this time last year and involved the entire county. The event  served as "a powerful reminder … to help ensure that your organization doesn't lose its way during the period of transformational change now underway," Byrne wrote in a Hospital Impact post this week.

Among the celebrations was a "100-stories-in-100-days" social media campaign and even the creation of a new frozen custard flavor named "St. Mary's Centennialicious" in partnership with the Midwest restaurant chain, Culver's. "While not every organization has a centennial to celebrate, they have other milestones that serve as opportunities to recognize accomplishment, acknowledge heritage and foster camaraderie among staff colleagues," Byrne said.  --Read the full blog post on Hospital Impact