Hospitalization for underage drinking cost $755M annually; Hospital to pay city $1M for advertising;

> Despite treating a growing number of patients, community health centers in Milwaukee aren't expanding fast enough, reported the Journal Sentinel. Moreover, in the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, 2011, community health centers' base funding suffered a $600 million cut. Article

> Hospitalization for underage drinking is common at U.S. hospitals--and costly--racking up a total $755 million per year, according to a Mayo Clinic study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health. Press release

> Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas still has potentially fatal breakdowns, according to a report obtained by The Dallas Morning News. Last week, the hospital refused to disclose the federally mandated patient safety report for fear of lawsuits. Article

> Amid a drug shortage affecting patent care, hospitals have to throw away vital, scarce medications to comply with government regulations, according to MSNBC. Hospitals found to violate storage and stability rules could face fines or other sanctions. Article

> Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano will pay the city $1 million over five years for advertising at more than a dozen public facilities, reported The Dallas Morning News. Article

And Finally... Weight loss can be contagious. Article