Hospital, state senator targets of federal investigation

This week, federal investigators are searching the home and legislative offices of New Jersey state Sen. Joseph Coniglio (D) as part of a ongoing corruption investigation. In pursuing the investigation, the U.S. Attorney's Office has subpoenaed records from legislators and their staff members about the senator's relationship with Hackensack University Medical Center, where he worked as a plumbing and construction consultant. The senator, who worked at the hospital between 2004 and 2006, got $5,500 per month. 

Federal authorities are scrutinizing Coniglio's business dealings as part of whether some legislators have been benefiting from state grant money which has been put into the budget without any external, public review since 2002. Government corruption is a major issue in the state, where more than 100 officials (including some hospital officials) have been convicted on related charges over the past five years. (Yeah, I know, cue the theme from The Sopranos--but this is serious, guys.)

To learn more about the case:
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