Hospital leaders: To transform care, simplify your team's priorities

Guest post by Scott Kashman, chief administrative officer of Cape Coral Hospital, part of the Lee Memorial Health System in southwest Florida.

How would you simplify your organization's priorities?

These priorities go beyond your patients--they need to resonate with your whole team. Your patients and families will be the benefactors.

A couple of years ago, our hospital started to rally around three operational priorities. Even our definitions had to be simplified so all employees, physicians and volunteers could understand their part. After some back and forth with my colleagues, Wendy Piascik, Michael Schultz, M.D., and Roger Chen, we decided on the following:

1.      Safety: No patient, visitor or co-worker is harmed in our facilities.

2.      Flow: Patient enters and exits the system at the most opportune time.

3.      Experience: Patient feels episode of care and caring was made especially for them.

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