Hospital ignores evacuation order; Dead defib batteries linked to deaths;

> Automated external defibrillator failures, including dead batteries, contributed to 1,000 cardiac arrest deaths in the past 15 years, according to a study published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine. Press release

> The Measures Application Partnership released draft strategies for aligning private and public organizations to reduce healthcare-acquired conditions and readmissions, reports AHA News. Article

> Nurses at Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital in Washington are set to picket over wages and the CEO's 2008 paycheck of $3 million, reports KNDO, an NBC affiliate. Report

> California's El Camino Hospital's new CEO will make $700,000 to start, $60,000 more than her predecessor, reports the Palo Alto Daily News. Article

> Despite New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's order, one of the five hospitals couldn't evacuate during Hurricane Irene. University-Langone Medical Center said ICU patients could not be moved, reports CNN. Report

And Finally... Snakes on a plane (in a passenger's pants). Article