Hospital CEO cries foul over New Jersey health reform bill; Study reveals nearly 400 potential HIV-positive organ donors;

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> It's now been more than a year since a wide-reaching scandal engulfed the Department of Veterans Affairs' healthcare facilities, but an ongoing slew of legislation aimed at fixing the VA illustrates just how much reform still needs to take place and how little Congress agrees on how to go about it, the Washington Post reports. Article

> New Jersey lawmakers on Thursday introduced a landmark bill aimed at reforming the state's out-of-network healthcare fee structure, but CarePoint Health CEO Dennis Kelly has warned that the legislation could force his system's hospitals and other urban facilities to close, according to NJ Biz. Article

> HIV-positive patients who are waiting for an organ donation have a new source of hope, as a recent University of Pennsylvania study published in the American Journal of Transplantation reveals there are nearly 400 HIV-positive potential organ donors in the United States. Study

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> An Indiana patient harm reduction campaign saved more than $22 million over three years, according to research from the Indiana Hospital Association's Indiana Patient Safety Center. Article

> The top medical conditions for overall spending have generally remained static for a decade, although the amount being spent on these ailments has risen substantially, according to data from the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Article

And Finally… Poop patrol. Article