High pay helps academic hospitals retain top docs

Academic medical institutions strive for the best instructors, students and resources to fulfill their healthcare missions, with many doling out hefty compensation to attract and retain top medical professionals. This is evident at the University of Maryland, where physicians in leadership positions earn among the highest salaries in the state, reports the Baltimore Sun.

In fact, they account for six of the 10 top earners in Maryland, and significantly trump the governor's $150,000 annual salary.

The university's vice president for medical affairs and dean of the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Dr. E. Albert Reece, raked in $757,489, making him the fourth highest earner on the list. Not far behind was Dr. Stephen Bartlett, chief of surgery at the University of Maryland Medical Center, earning $737,243. The chief of cardiac surgery and cardiothoracic transplantation at the center, Dr. Bartley Griffith, took home $703,175.

The rationale for paying competitive salaries is that top talent is needed to advance medical research and clinical services, notes the Sun. Also, healthcare and social assistance comprise the largest faction of Maryland's economy, employing one in nine workers.

The University of Maryland, Baltimore points out taxpayers cover only a portion of the salary earned by its hospital physicians.

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