High healthcare bill? It's your own fault

What makes healthcare so expensive? There's no doubt that this is a loaded question and there's guaranteed to be a lot of finger pointing (and maybe even some name-calling), no matter who answers it. But as the Denver Business Journal points out, maybe we should be blaming ourselves for our high monthly premiums. When it comes to our health, all of us want the best treatment money can buy…until it comes time to pay the bill. Americans complain about the skyrocketing costs of healthcare yet at the same time, feel entitled to the best, most cutting-edge treatments money can buy. "Americans have been conditioned to demand the finest health care that science can conceive, the best drugs, even the most long-shot experimental treatment," the Journal notes.

Enter the CDHP. Whether these plans are a good idea or not, two things are certain. First, the transparency initiative is necessary in order to make CDHPs a reality. Secondly, increased transparency means that Americans will finally see what their healthcare really costs. And we might not be quite so willing to spare no expense if we're the ones footing the bill.

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