HHS to end provider agreement with Seattle hospital over 'multi-systemwide failures'

In the wake of an inspection that found "multi-systemwide failures" that created a major risk of patient harm, Seattle's Western State Hospital may lose millions in Medicare and Medicaid funding, according to the Associated Press. The Department of Health and Human Services will end its relationship with Washington's largest psychiatric hospital on November 28, costing the 842-bed facility a total of more than $15 million a year in federal funds. State officials said the hospital is working to correct the problems that inspectors discovered before the deadline, according to the article. "Patient and staff safety remain priorities and to that end we are working to recruit more staff, which is key to improving safety and providing quality services to the patients at all of our state psychiatric hospitals," said Kathy Spears, a spokesperson for the state Department of Social and Health Services. "We have not lost federal funding." Article


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