HHS: 2.2 million enrolled in marketplaces; Nurses accuse hospital of standard-lowering cost-cutting;

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> Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced almost 2.2 million people selected plans from state and federal health insurance marketplaces by Dec. 28. Announcement

> Nurses at Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center in California accused the hospital of implementing a number of cost-cutting actions that lead to an overworked nursing staff and less than satisfactory care for patients, the East Bay Express reported. Article

> St. Christopher's Hospital for Children has partnered with Specialists on Call Inc. to provide emergency and specialty pediatric consultations through telemedicine to hospitals in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, according to the Philadelphia Business Journal. Article

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> Jails tend to be islands as far as healthcare is concerned, with providers inside having no information on care inmates received outside, and community emergency rooms--where most inmates are treated upon release--with no data from treatment provided inside. Article

> Kaiser Permanente plans to use $7 million to build a data network aimed at improving cancer, obesity and heart diseases outcomes this year, the health system announced this week. Article

And Finally...He's no cat burglar. Article