HFMA ANI 2009: Tenet's experiences with RACs; MedPAC: Are new drugs worth higher prices?;

> Obsessive preparation allowed the facility, South Carolina-based Hilton Head Regional Hospital, to win 29 of its 31 RAC appeals, said CEO Elizabeth Lamkin, who spoke at this week's Healthcare Financial Management Association ANI 2009 conference. HFMA ANI 2009

> The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission is suggesting that reimbursement for new drugs should be set at the same rate as older meds unless drugmakers have evidence proving that the new meds are more effective than the old ones. FiercePharma

> FierceBiotech takes a look at the five highest-paid CEOs in the biotech industry. FierceBiotech

And Finally... If you want to know how dated Alice Cooper's lyrics are, check this out. Article