HearMe(R) Survey Results Suggest Users Would Use Video Conferencing to 'See' a Doctor

NEW YORK, June 4 /PRNewswire/ -- HearMe(R), a leading provider of Web-based, desktop video conferencing and online collaboration solutions, today announced the results of an international online survey that queried users about their use of video conferencing. Visitors to HearMe's website completed the survey and responded to questions about the role of video conferencing in their daily lives.

"This survey yielded many surprising results, and provided insight into the unique views that people have of video conferencing," said HearMe vice president of marketing, Matt Gore. "Particularly interesting was the amount of people who would feel comfortable seeing their doctor virtually, rather than visiting with them in person."

The survey results included a wide array of answers relating to video conferencing; from demographics and usage patterns to personal hygiene. Some interesting findings included:

The full results of the people surveyed can be found at: http://www.hearme.com/surveyresults/hearme-survey.pdf

HearMe's web-based video conferencing system empowers small businesses, distance educators and mobile work forces to conduct meetings in real time at an affordable price. The solution provides video/audio conferencing, desktop and application sharing, and online browser based meeting rooms. HearMe also offers a user-friendly interface and advanced video conferencing capabilities. It allows an unlimited number of users to actively participate in a meeting via voice, video and text chat.

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About HearMe

HearMe, a division of Paltalk, is a web-based video conferencing and online collaboration solution. It empowers SMB's, corporations, and distance educators to participate in fully scalable voice and video conferences. Utilizing cutting edge video technology to provide real time motion of up to 15 frames per second, participants of a HearMe-hosted meeting can share video in addition to documents and desktop applications. With built-in VoIP capabilities, HearMe eliminates the need for a conference phone bridge line, decreasing costs for SMB's and enterprises alike. This also allows all participants a hands-free conferencing experience. HearMe's offering enables companies to connect their mobile workforce, distance educators, and organizations to work more efficiently regardless of geographic location.