HealthHelp CMO Dr. Mark Hiatt Presents Webinar: How Can Specialty Benefits Management Supercharge Accountable Care Organizations?

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chief medical officer will host a free Webinar July 17 to discuss how accountable care organizations, encouraged by the recently upheld Affordable Care Act, may be assisted by specialty benefits management. This Webinar will expound upon Dr. Hiatt’s recent publication, “Specialty Benefits Management in the Era of Accountable Care: A Case Study,” co-authored with Timothy Johnstad. The authors found that a network with many features of an accountable care organization experienced a decline in utilization of advanced diagnostic imaging after implementing specialty benefits management, even with financial incentives to control utilization already in place.

The free Webinar will take place on July 17 at 1 p.m. CDT. Register now at .

brings to his role as chief medical officer of HealthHelp a wealth of experience in both radiology and business. Prior to joining HealthHelp, Dr. Hiatt was a clinical department leader and board member for a health system. Dr. Hiatt completed a fellowship in cardiovascular imaging at Stanford University after a residency in diagnostic radiology at the University of Virginia. He has a master’s in Health Evaluation Sciences, with an emphasis in informatics and resource management, from University of Virginia. Dr. Hiatt earned his medical degree and MBA from Wake Forest University.

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