Healthcare REITS have bright future; Mystery of failed 1966 vaccine solved;

> While healthcare REITs have hit hard times, they should make out OK over the long run, analysts now say. FierceHealthFinance

> Researchers have figured out, at long last, why a 1966 vaccine used to inoculate children against respiratory syncytial virus didn't work, but rather, made them sick instead. FierceVaccines

> Insurers and banks are continuing to create new health savings accounts-based ventures, with the market predicted to hit $40 billion in the next five years. FierceHealthFinance

While the job comes with major prestige and power, the new head of the NIH will face some huge challenges, too, including finding a way to reverse a five-year decline in federal funding for research. FierceBioResearcher

And Finally... Why, when the banking industry is in trouble, who needs a billion-six more than these guys? Article