Healthcare practitioners see biggest job drop

Departing from the upward trend, healthcare jobs in October dropped with healthcare practitioners and technical positions seeing the largest decrease in online postings, according to a report released yesterday by research association The Conference Board. With a decrease of 25,000 job ads, healthcare practitioners and technical positions stand at 506,600 job advertisements in October, down from 531,600 the previous month. The vacancies are largely in registered nurse and family and general practitioner positions. The report notes these vacancies outnumber job seekers by 2.6 to one.

Similarly, healthcare support jobs dropped 1,700 jobs at 114,100 jobs in October, down from 115,800 jobs in September.

Overall, online advertised vacancies dropped to 3.9 million across all industries, dipping by 13,600 in October.

"The good news is that labor demand did not deteriorate further in October, but at the same time we have no clear sign that demand is picking up," said Conference Board Vice President June Shelp in a press release.

For more information:
- read the press release and data (.pdf)
- check out the national industy-wide data (reg. req.)

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