Healthcare M&A likely to keep pace in '08

Though it may be consolidation (rather than major takeovers) which drive healthcare M&A this year, expect to see the transactions keep flowing. That, at least, is the prediction of one investment banking firm which is up to its tailored sleeves in healthcare deals. New York-based Shattuck Hammond of New York completed or announced 12 healthcare M&A deals, valued at a combined $2.1 billion, over the past 12 months. While "blockbuster" deals in the billions may not be as common going forward, given turmoil in the credit markets, Shattuck Hammond's Michael Hammond thinks market conditions aren't likely to impact deals under $500 million. His firm thinks deals may very well maintain at a similar level this year as last year. In particularly, he's predicting that ancillary businesses serving hospitals, pharmaceutical and managed care companies are likely to keep consolidating.

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