Health system execs average 3% salary increases, continued benefits

Although some hospitals are freezing salaries, healthcare executives on average this year saw salary increases of 3 percent at healthcare systems and 2.8 percent increases at independent and subsidiary hospitals, according to consulting firm Integrated Healthcare Strategies in a press release yesterday. C-suite level executives earn an additional 25 to 35 percent of salary in short-term incentive awards at health systems and between 18 to 27 percent of salary at independent and subsidiary hospitals.

Regarding benefits, most organizations continue to provide executives short-term disability of 100 percent salary during that period, while median salary replacement for long-term disability is 60 percent, according to another Integrated Healthcare Strategies press release. The survey found that more organizations are moving away from perquisites, although CEOs continue to receive benefits that are treated as business expenses. The most prevalent perquisite is a car or car allowance, as 86 percent of healthcare CEOs reported receiving one or the other benefit.

"Competitive benefits are a cornerstone to retaining talented executives," said Linette Allison, vice president of operations and quality in the executive compensation and governance practice at Integrated Healthcare Strategies. 

For more information:
- read the press releases on bonuses and on benefits

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